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Our Texts in English: Summer 1

In our English lessons we have been reading the traditional tale: The Firebird. We have been focussing on sensory descriptions and descriptive dialogue. We then continued the story and wrote our own ending. 

Our texts in English Spring 1

We will be reading and discussing these texts by Rudyard Kipling, identifying the proposed audience and the language he used when writing. After reading some 'Just So Stories' we will take ideas from Mr. Kipling's writing to create our own 'Just So Story' for our peers to enjoy.
We have looked at poems with a structure; we chose the Japanese Haiku. We analysed and discussed a variety of Haiku poems. We then learnt one by heart and performed it to the class. Finally, we wrote and performed a Haiku of our own and evaluated our performance. 

Our Text in English Autumn 2

In our English lessons we have been reading and writing about the Viking quest myth: Arthur and the Golden Rope. 
In our History topic, we have been learning about the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons, we used this learning to create a non-chronological report in our English lessons.   
In Autumn we have been reading Alex Rider: Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. We enjoyed developing our own spy story whilst reading this action-packed adventure story. 

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