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We have sent home lined exercise books for your child to do their writing. Feel free to allow your child to write about things that interest them, or what they have been up to. 


Alternatively if your child would like something to write about- feel free to look at these websites for inspiration. 


Online Reading Platforms

We sent home all of the usernames and passwords for these platforms in your child's home learning pack. However if these have been misplaced, please email to request their username and password. 

As with anything that your child gets up to whilst at home, please feel free to attach any documents or take pictures of any of the writing that your child has done and email to the year 5 email address. 


We would love to see it and offer some feedback. 

Anthony Horowitz Readalong Video's

The author himself, Anthony Horowitz, reads the chapters of 'Stormbreaker', the first Alex Rider Novel.

This readalong series of video's last about 15 - 20 minutes each and really bring the written word and storytelling to life.

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