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English lesson 14.07.20 (Using description)

Today we had another look at word classes; we learnt about nouns and adjectives and how to use them together to write descriptive sentences.

Below are the links to the BBC Bitesize Daily lesson which we used, as well as the link to the BBC game page 'Karate Cats', which consolidates English learning.


I suggested at the end of the session that everyone practises writing a descriptive sentence each day, to keep their handwriting practise up and to make sure when we come back to school in September that it is less of a shock to the system after months of online learning.  It will do us all good to practise using a pencil and paper and forming our letters correctly.

So can you write a descriptive sentence today? Tell me about your garden, your pet, your toys or the people in your house! Remember, proper nouns need capital letters at the beginning.

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