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Finding out what people believe in Southport (Sep/Oct 2016)


Year 5 have gone paperless for their RE studies this term and have made it their business to find out about the different things that people believe around our town. First we discussed and collected ideas in class and eventually came up with our top twelve questions about belief: (How would you answer them?)


  1. What do you believe really matters?
  2. Have you changed what you believe ever? / Have you ever changed your religion?
  3. Why do you believe in God?
  4. Do all your family believe in God?
  5. Do you encourage other people to believe in God?
  6. Do you tell people about God?
  7. Do you like God?
  8. What time do you pray and for how long?
  9. Do you enjoy praying?
  10. Have you visited other places of worship?
  11. How often do you meet with other people who believe that same thing?
  12. What do you do when you meet?


Once we were ready, we went visiting! We are so grateful to leaders at St Philip's and St Paul's with Wesley, at Southport Mosque and at the Salvation Army for welcoming us and allowing us time to see where they meet and ask about what they believe and do. As you can see from the pictures, we enjoyed learning about faith and how it makes people behave.


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