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Welcome to Fir – 1KO!


We would like to welcome you to 1KO’s class page!


1KO’s teaching team includes Miss Oakley (Class Teacher) and Miss Henshall (Teaching Assistant). The children in 1KO enjoy a varied and exciting curriculum with lots of continuous provision and creative activities.  We work very hard to ensure that the transition from Reception to Year 1 is smooth and successful.


Miss Oakley will update this page so make sure you check for updates.


Meet our Class

Latest News!

We had a brilliant day out at Blackpool Zoo!! Click HERE to see photographs of our special  day.

Spaceship crashes on school playground and a strange creature is seen running away!

Click on Summer 2  to find out more!

Our beautiful butterflies flutter away!!

The butterflies emerge out of their chrysalites.
They hang onto the net to dry their wings.
Drying its wings.
We put in fresh flowers and fruit for them.
Showing us its symmetrical wings.
Watching every move!
Feeding on the fruit.
Time to fly, but they dont want to leave us!!
Beautifuly butterfly!
They are so delicate.
Good bye butterflies!!
I wonder where they will lay their eggs?

Thursday 30th April 2015 - Five tiny caterpillars arrived for us to look after. We will watch them grow and change into butterflies.

The caterpillars are very tiny.
They have their own food inside the tub.
We have some instructions to follow.
At night we have to put a cover over the tub.
We will take care of them so they grow big.
As they grow they will keep shedding their skin.

In the first part of the Autumn term the year 1 topic is Bog Baby. Bog Baby is a fantastic story and we are sure it will capture the imagination of all the children! Please click on 'Autumn 1- Bog Baby' to find out what we have been doing during the first half term.

In the latter part of the Autumn term, leading up towards Christmas the Year 1 topic will be based around a story called Footprints in the Snow. 


During Spring term the Year 1 topic will be dinosaurs. Our learning will be based around a story called Tyrannosaurus Drip. To keep up to date with children's learning throughout this topic, click on Spring 1. 


Year 1 will complete a mini topic on growing as we lead up to Easter. We will be focussing on minibeasts and plants. The focus text for Spring term 2 will be 'Arghhh Spider' By Lydia Monks. Keep up to date with our special learning journey this half term by clicking on Spring 2.

Click on Special days to see......

  • Our Nativity
  • Breakfast with Santa
  • The Christmas Party
  • Posting letters to Santa
  • Chinese New Year
  • World Book Day
  • Red Nose Day
  • Planting bulbs for Mothers Day
  • Spring Time
  • A Visit from the chicks
  • Making Easter cakes
  • Visit from the Police
  • Visit from Kevin Price, the author of children's books


We Love Maths!

We have been learning to tell the time.

First we wrote the numbers on the clock face.
The we coloured in the hour and minute hands.
Then we cut out the clock face and hands.
We used split pins to attach the hands to clocks.
We used our clocks to show different times.

Read Write Inc.

At Linaker we use Read Write Inc to help children learn to read. It has been used for many years in schools and has supported children to enjoy reading and make good progress. RWi also helps children to talk about and understand what they have read. Reading helps children develop their vocabulary and learn new things independently. We want all children to enjoy reading. Children will be taught in mixed groups by trained staff. First children learn a simple code to help them read (see simple sounds). Then they learn more complex sounds (see complex sounds).

Picture 1             Picture 2

Simple sounds                                                             Complex sounds


Fred the Frog

Fred is a frog puppet who says, reads and spells words in pure sounds; he never says the whole word so the children do this for him. He never adds ‘uh’ after a consonant sound e.g. fuh, luh (a slight ‘uh’ cannot be helped when saying the sounds b, g, d, j, w and y). Here you can find a video on the correct pronunciation of sounds.

Children are taught to ‘Fred’ talk words by sounding out and blending to read.   m_a_t  Children are taught to spell by hearing and saying sounds in a word before writing them down. We call this using ‘Fred’ fingers.



A grapheme is one letter or group of letters used to write one sound, e.g. the sound ‘f’ can be written with the grapheme f (fun), ff (huff) and ph (phone).



Syllables are chunks within long words.



The root is the part of the word that gives the most meaning.


Adding Suffixes

You also need to know how to add a suffix to a word like this…

_ed (as in jumped)                     _ing (as in playing)                        _er (as in cooler)

_est (as in greatest)                   _ful (as in grateful)                         _y (as in tidy)


Alternative Pronunciations

















































Things to help at home.

Some parents have been asking for things they can do at home to further help their children. Below are some links and documents that may come in handy.


In read, write, inc we Fred talk (sound out) words. You can Fred talk green words, but you "can't Fred a red!" Below are some PowerPoint presentations, there are three different levels for green words, your child should know what level they are on. Set 1, 2 or 3 sounds. This is a video of a RWi parent tutorial.

Contact Miss Oakley

You can usually find Miss Oakley on the playground at the end of the school day. If you don’t manage to speak to me then, drop me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. No matter how small or trivial you think it might be – feel free to ask!

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