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Footprints in the Snow

Footprints in the Snow

Wolf is feeling offended and indignant - all the wolves he has ever read about are nasty, scary and greedy, so to set the record straight he decides to write a story about a nice wolf. But will his wolfish instincts get the better of him after all?

After reading the book, we thought about the main character, the Wolf. We had whole class discussions to share what we are know about wolves. We then thought of some things we'd like to find out about wolves.

Today we received a message from Mr Wolf!...

He told us that he is going on his holidays. He is going to visit his friend Bobby bear in Russia and Carol the kangaroo in Australia. We talked a little about the climates in these countries. Mr Wolf had a problem... he didn't know what clothes he should pack for his holidays. We helped him sort his clothes into the correct suitcases.

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