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Forces and Magnets Week 1



You will know something about Forces from KS1. Forces can help things start and stop, slow down or even change direction. Two of these forces are push and pull. There are some clips below to remind you about Forces.

Pushes and Pulls

This first week we would like you to remind yourself about pushes and pulls by looking at the Powerpoint and then investigating how items around your home move. You can then group items into those that need pushes and those that need pulls to move and some may even need both.

Pushes and pulls powerpoint

Exploring and Describing how objects move on different surfaces


During the rest of our session we would have been testing how toy cars move on different surfaces. We would use a ramp and put on different materials like bubble wrap, carpet, foil, wooden planks and watch and describe how the cars moved down them. To be a fair test we would need to just change one thing at once so that would be the surface we are moving on. One of the trickiest things to control is how much push you give the car.


This is the time for you to be creative at home and see if there is anything around the house that you can use instead. It could be you use a wind up toy. It could be that you use a book to build a ramp. You need to decide that you are going to measure how fast something travels or how far it travels. It could be that instead of a whole experiment you just try pushing something on different surfaces and see how it moves. How much friction is the surface producing to alter the speed of movement.


Please take care when trying out any experiment and don't use yourself as the item to see how quickly you move on different surfaces.


Here is a Powerpoint and an experiment planner which may help.


Investigating Forces

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