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Friday 5th March Ch 11 Lesson 4


LO:  To be able to use pictorial representations to help solve word problems; to be able to choose the correct operation to solve a word problem.


Today we will be finding different ways to solve a problem. You will need counters, cubes, or anything else that will help you to count. We will be using drawings to help us.


Independent work;

Worksheet pages 29 – 30

Here are the answers for today's Maths lesson.


Afternoon Activities


There will be no Zoom lesson this afternoon as teachers will be in school preparing for your return on Monday 8th March. We are very excited to see you all again in person! smiley


You could use this time to finish any work that needs completing and pack your bag ready for Monday. Please make sure you put both your Maths No Problem books, workbooks and spelling book into a carrier bag with your name on. Also if you have borrowed an ipad or any other device please make sure that this is returned in the carrier bag too.





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