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Friday 22nd



We will do this together on Zoom at 9.45am.


Chapter 7 - Lesson 4

LO: To be able to subtract by counting back from the largest number.


Today we will be learning to count backwards by taking one away each time. You may need some counters, cubes, buttons or anything else that may help you. There is a number square below to help you.


Independent Task - Workbooks pages 128-129




Afternoon Activities



LO: To retell the Creation story.


In today's lesson we will be looking at the Christian Faith. How was the world made? How did all the people and animals get here? We will be watching the video which you can click here to see.

There is a PowerPoint attached below and some sheets to help you when you do your task.


Independent activity - To draw pictures of day 1-7 of the creation story. Write a sentence for each picture, for example; On day1, God made day and night, light and dark. You can use the template below (word document) to help you to organise how draw the pictures and then you can write the sentences underneath each picture.

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