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Friday 26th February

Friday 26th February 


9:15AM Zoom- Macbeth discussion and  MNP Guided Practice and task setting. 



1. hindrance

2. identity

3. immediate

4. immediately

5. individual

6. interfere

7. interrupt

8. language

9. leisure

10. lightning


This morning's tasks:

1. Room 13- Comprehension (in your packs) 

2. Reading Buddy/Reading Plus online 

3. Arithmetic Test 5




MyMaths Tasks: 


(these have been allocated to your class already, but you can also access them below)


Introducing improper and mixed fractions

Improper and mixed fractions

Multiplying fractions

Ordering and simplifying fractions (Y6)


Below are some revision activities: 

Comparing scalable fractions 

Introducing equivalent fractions


1:30PM Zoom- Art- Famous illustrators

Your task today is to draw an illustration for a scene from your favourite book, or design an alternative front cover for a favourite book. 


If you are stuck for ideas, why not use War Horse (our class text from before half term)? 

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