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Friday 29th January Ch 8 Lesson 2

LO: To be able to recognise 2-D shapes in the everyday environment.


Today we will be looking at the properties of 2D shapes. You will need to look carefully around you home to spot some 2D shapes.

We will be watching the Oak Academy lesson together, so our lesson might be longer than usual. Click here.


2D shape mat resource is available below to help you.


Independent work;

Worksheet pages 143-145



Afternoon Activities


RE - LO; To understand what we mean by special/precious.


Today we would like you to share something that is special to you. It could be a special toy, photograph or something that is precious to you that makes you think of a nice memory. We will be talking about our special things and thinking whether things that are special to us need to be expensive. We will be watching a video of some other Year 1 children talking about their special things, which you can see here.


Independent work; 

To draw a picture of your special thing and write sentences about it and why it is special to you.


There is an example sheet below to help you.

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High