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Friday 5th February

Friday 5th February


9:15am Zoom- Spelling test, Guided reading on Zoom- persuasive texts, task setting: Oak. 




1.. Writing- Oak Academy- persuasive writing video (Lesson 2)

2. Arithmetic Test 5, Questions 1-10

3. Oxford Reading Buddy/Reading Plus lesson and Questions(site code: rplinak)



Maths- Fluent in Five, Arithmetic test run through (last week), task setting ^




If you need further activities, complete a MyMaths from below: 


Equivalent Fractions

Comparing Scalable Fractions

Comparing Fractions

Comparing Fractions- Bar Model

Adding and Subtracting Fractions


Arithmetic Test 5 (in your pack)

1:20pm Zoom- Art- Perspective drawing

During the Zoom, we will look at a powerpoint about drawing in perspective, some videos and have a go at drawing a cube. 


Your task is to draw your own perspective picture, of any view you wish- real or imaginary. You could even create a perspective drawing that could be used in your Oran and Joe story! 

Learn Perspective Easy | One Point Perspective Cube | Art Lessons for Kids

We'll learn how to draw a cube with one point perspective. These new art lessons and projects for children will provide a detailed and step-by-step understan...

Art for Kids - How to Draw in 1 Point Perspective

I made this video during one of my fourth grade classes as I was introducing a lesson on one point perspective. I wanted to show students some basics of how ...

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