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Home activity for Maths today.



LO: To be able to measure the height and length of items using parts of the body.

Today we will be thinking about how we can use different objects to measure things. For example; could we use our hand span to measure the length of a table? If we are measuring a few objects, should we use the same item to measure with?


Independent work;

Worksheet page 16


Afternoon Activities

RE- LO; To understand that the Bible is a Holy book which forms the basis of the Christian Faith.


Today we will be thinking about why the Bible is important to Christians. We will look at how the Bible is divided into two parts, The Old Testament and The New Testament. We will be watching a video about this which you can see by clicking here.

We will be thinking about the stories Jesus told and look at the story of The Foolish Man and the Wise Man. The PowerPoint of the story is below. Then we will be singing the song which you can click here to join in with.


Independent work;

Draw 2 pictures, one of the wise man with his house on the rocks and one with the Foolish man with his house on the sand. Write sentences underneath each picture to describe what happened to each house.

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