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Friday 26th February Ch 10 lesson 5


LO:  To be able to compare numbers using number bonds, 100-squares and number lines to determine how much more/less.


In this lesson today we will be looking at comparing numbers and whether arranging the objects in particular ways would help. Does arranging them in certain ways help us to see which group has more or less? There are some resources below to help you.


Independent work;

Worksheet pages 15 -16


Afternoon Activities


Science. LO; To identify the different food living things eat.


Lesson 6 of Oak Academy – The Animal Kingdom


All living things need to eat other living things to survive. What an animal eats is called its diet. In this lesson, will be learning about what diets different animals follow. We will be identifying what different animals may eat based on the appearance of their teeth, some flat, some sharp. You can watch the lesson by clicking here.


Independent Activity:

Draw three animals – One carnivore, one herbivore and one omnivore. Write a sentence about each of them, explaining what they like to eat.


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