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Fun Friday!

Friday 15th January 2021


9:30am Zoom- Spelling test


Independent task: 


Using your description from yesterday, can you make a persuasive poster trying to sell your boots. How would you persuade someone to buy the boots? Include lots of detail and a picture. You can complete this on plain paper if you have it, or in your exercise book (the orange book in your pack). 

Complete a quiz on either reading plus or Reading Buddy.


Maths- Arithmetic Test 4- First 10 questions


TTRS- who can you beat in a challenge? 

1:30pm Zoom- Art


What would Oran's planet look like? What colour would it be? Would it have rings like Saturn? Would it be red like Mars? Would it have land and water like Earth?


Independent task:  Your task is to draw (and label), create (using materials around the home, with permission!) or collage what you think Oran's home planet would look like. 



Collage Examples

Warm-up Space drawing

A "just for fun" draw along video. Art Vocabulary: Horizontal, Shape, Line, Design, Symmetry, Design

How to draw solar system step by step/ How to draw planets step by step

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High