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Geography Lesson 08.07.20 (Cities, Towns & Villages)

Today's Key Stage 1 Geography lesson was all about human settlements; that means places where humans live together. 

Cities are huge "urban" places, with lots of tall buildings very close together and millions of people live there.  They have cathedrals, universities, hospitals, shopping malls, tower blocks and lots and lots of traffic.

Towns are very big - thousands of people live in them - but their buildings are a bit more spread out and they may have countryside around them and are less likely to have big important buildings like hospitals, universities and theatres.

Villages are much smaller, with only a few hundred residents living there. They may only have one shop, a place of worship and a school.  They are usually out in the countryside; we call this "rural".


Revisit the BBC Bitesize Daily lesson we used by clicking the link below.

We challenged you to draw a settlement, including some of the typical human features (buildings, roads, bridges etc.).  Could you think about what physical features might be there? Any vegetation, fauna, waterways...?

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