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Use the PowerPoint and sheet to compare the town of Southport in the UK with the European city of Madrid. 
Use the PowerPoint and accompanying sheet to create a travel guide for Southport. 
Use the PowerPoint and accompanying sheet to research what goes on in Southport. An internet search engine will help. 
Visit Google Maps.
Search for our town.
Which are the main roads we need to draw on our sketch map?
Where are the main areas of green space – are they parks
or farmland?
How is the land used in the centre of the town?
Where is most of the housing located?
Are there any retail areas we need to add?
What about businesses or industrial estates?


Once you've looked for all of these, use the map in the Word Document below to help you complete the activity? 

Use the sheet below to compare a place in Europe with Southport. 
Use the powerpoint and worksheet as an introduction to our Geography Topic this half term all about Southport. 

Liverpool is the nearest big City to Southport. Using road atlases, online mapping services and public transport websites, could you plan a route from school to Liverpool City Centre? How do the routes compare in terms of time, cost and convenience? Which would be best for one person travelling alone? Which would be best for a whole class trip?


Geography linked to Tomb Raiders (Ancient Egyptians)


Use Google Earth and find Egypt. 

What can your child tell you about the country from the satellite photography? Compare it to the UK. Why is it a different colour? Pick out things like desert, the River Nile and its delta, the sea etc.

Then research the country of Egypt and create a factfile using the template to guide you. 


  • Where on a map of the world it is (What seas is it near)
  • What continent it is in
  • What language is spoken there
  • The flag
  • The capital city
  • Any famous landmarks e.g. Nile
  • Any other interesting facts (Distance from Southport/UK, how would you get there etc.)
  • Population



Using a map, recap where the River Nile is. 


Ask  why they think people would have settled there?

Why is the river important?

What would people use the river for?

Do you think that they are able to use the river all the time?


Using these two 2 websites or sites of their choice:


Help the children to research :

  1. How the river Nile is used by farmers and why people settle near the river.
  2. Make notes of the changes to the river Nile from May- November (key 6 months in the Nile cycle).


They could draw a semi circle to show the 6 month cycle of the river, drawing a picture to show the water level and where it is. 


Then write a short paragraph that clearly explains:

  • What the pictures are
  • Why the river has flooded
  • Where the flood water comes from
  • What the floods bring to the Egyptians- what does it allow them to do?










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