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George Washington Carver 1860's - 1943

George Washington Carver


This week's Famous Scientist and Inventor had a very interesting life and I think is a great example of someone who represents our Linaker Motto of AIM high.


I had heard of the American President George Washington but did not know the story of George Washington Carver. We are unsure of the exact date that he was born because he was born into slavery in America. As a slave he was kidnapped along with his mother and sister to become a slave for another master but he was rescued. When he was freed, he wanted to go to school because he was curious and wanted to learn however, because he was a Black African American, he was refused a place in the school. Luckily he was determined to learn and enrolled in another school further away. He was very motivated and worked hard.


He continued to be a pioneer gaining a science degree and becoming a lecturer. He was interested in plants and in particular crops and invented lots of new products from plants. He was known as the Plant Doctor. He saw how important it was for the soil to rotate the crops rather than just growing one crop year after year.


He found 300 uses for peanuts and as well as sharing his work with others he also visited many different places to share his story to inspire others. 


The other important fact I have learnt is how the peanut grows - did you know they grow underground and a peanut is not actually a nut?


I hope you enjoy finding out all about this inspirational man.

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