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George's Marvellous Medicine



So we have finished our story! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Poor Grandma! Did you feel sorry for her? Who was your favourite character? Why don't you write a book review to let other children know what you thought about it. The book review is below.


It was so lovely to see so many of you today. I will miss you all and well done for joining me and having a go at some or all of the tasks and activities we have given to you whilst you have been at home learning! Good Luck in Year 4 you will be FABULOUS! Have a great summer, enjoy whatever you do and remember to still stay safe and take care!

Mrs Whitesmiley



Well we have nearly finished the story! The last chapter will be at 11 am next Friday so I hope you can all join me then. I wonder if George's final attempt at making the medicine will work? Well done to those of you who completed the task on Grandma, don't forget to send them to our Year 3 email address so they can be uploaded onto our website. 


This week there is a comprehension and a crossword for you. As always the answers are there for when you have finished them so you can check your own answers. 


We talked about adverbs today so if you look on the Punctuation and Grammar star there are some activities for you to try. 


I look forward to seeing you all for our last session next week. 



It was lovely to see so many of you join our session today. I am so sorry you were not able to see me due to an issue with the camera, but I hope to get this sorted for next week. You all did really well with synonyms and antonyms, so if you want any further work on this you can find them in the Punctuation and Grammar star below. 


I wonder what is going to happen next in the story? Imagine having a hen nearly as tall as the house and laying an egg the size of a football! There were lots of great adjectives used, I wonder if you can find some of them and use a different word in that place that means the same? (synonym).


There are a couple of tasks for you to try this week, a comprehension and an activity to draw Grandma after the medicine, thinking about how the author describes her. Maybe you could add these phrases to your drawing. I look forward to seeing them next week! The tasks are below for you to try. Remember if you are going to try the comprehension, have a go first and then check your answers.



Well.....can you believe what happened to Grandma? It really made me laugh this chapter. There were lots of expanded noun phrases in that chapter. There are some tasks for you to do this week on expanded noun phrases and a powerpoint to help if you need to refresh your memory.

An expanded noun phrase uses adjectives, to describe the noun eg; The grumpy, old Grandma and we expand even further if we add a preposition eg; The grumpy, old Grandma began to rise above her chair.


Try the tasks and send them to our year 3 email account so we can add them to our Home Learning page. The activity sheet is a nice one to do.



I really enjoyed Chapter 3, finding out what George put in his recipe! fancy putting shampoo and washing powder in! Yuk! I wonder what Grandma will say and do when she tastes the first spoonful? It would be lovely if you can write a few sentences ready to share next week? There is a short comprehension below for you to do too, I'm sure you will know some of the answers straight away. When you have completed them you can check your answers. I f you would like to you can share them by uploading them onto the year 3 email. Well done to Kyle and Issak for sharing their work already.


Don't forget as from next week the sessions will start at 11am with new codes and passwords, so please email if you don't have them already. 




For those who have missed some of the story so far you can find the book below so you can read it and catch up. Please try and complete the tasks set already to share on Friday.


I hope you are enjoying the story so far? Last week your task was to draw a picture of Grandma and describe how she looked and her personality. There is a sheet below TASK 1 to help you. This week, after reading what George thought he might put in his medicine for Grandma ( which was revolting) your task this week is to make your own medicine recipe! The more revolting the better! Maybe you would like to add smelly cheese, crushed beetles, wiggly worms.....the choice is yours. There are sheets to help you, TASK 2.


It would be lovely if you could share your work next Friday and send them to our Year 3 email so we can add them to our website. Have fun with your revolting recipe!


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