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Harvest Acrostic Poems

We wrote some acrostic poems about the Harvest Festival. We tried our best to meet our targets by using lots of adjectives and adverbs.

Harvest is for sharing.

Autumn time is yellow and brown.

Ripened, juicy fruits.

Vegetables, sweet and juicy.

Everybody shares the food.

Sun helping plants to grow.

Thank you for the harvest.


By Niamh, Rowlands, Kamil, Robert, Deimante and Sammy.

Happy harvest should be brilliant and fabulous.

Apples are delicious and scrumptious.

Ripened vegetables might grow very slowly but will be juicy and sweet.

Vegetables are glorious.

Everyone eats loads of harvest food.

Stand by when harvest comes.

Thank you for the harvest.


By Kobie

Harvest festival is sharing everything.

All farmers working hard on the huge, busy farms.

Ripened, juicy, yummy fruit and vegetables in the sun.

Vegetables are growing quickly.

Everyone is kind to each other.

Sharing vegetables and fruit kindly.

Thank you for the delicious food.


By Karolina

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