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Welcome to Hazel – 1EB!

We would like to welcome you to 1EB’s class page!

1EB’s teaching team includes Miss Boyle (Class Teacher), Mrs Clutton (Teaching Assistant) and Miss Riley (Teaching Assistant). The children in 1EB enjoy a varied and exciting curriculum with lots of continuous provision and creative activities.  We work very hard to ensure that the transition from Reception to Year 1 is smooth and successful. The link below takes you to the key information that you need to know about Year 1 smiley

Have a look around our classroom


In year 1 we realise the importance of a stimulating learning environment. We therefore try to make our classrooms look as exciting as possible. The displays are not only to show the children's fantastic work but also act as a resource for the children to refer to during their learning.

Bog Baby

During 1EB’s first half term we have focussed all of our work around a story – The Bog Baby. We received a letter saying that there had been Bog Babies spotted in the Willow Garden. We went to check it out and it all went from there!

Footprints in the snow

During the winter half term year 1 are reading a story named Footprints in the Snow. This is a story about a wolf who is trying to make friends. Like the Bog Baby, we will be using this story as a focus for all of our work. We hope the children enjoy it as much as the Bog Baby!


Dinosaurs, dinosaurs everywhere! Year 1 has changed into dinosaur land. All of our classrooms have been taken over by dinosaurs and our role play area is now a dinosaur spotting area! We are going on a dinosaur hunt to find evidence that the unruly visitors are back.

Aaaarrgghh Spider!

For the second half of Spring term we will be looking at mini-beasts and using Lydia Monk's book 'Aaaarrgghh Spider' for inspiration. In the first of the summer terms we are receiving five, wriggly caterpillars to look after. We will take good care of them. We are going to plan our own caterpillar story.


In the children's last half term in year one we will be focussing our work around a story called Beegu and relating it to our Space topic.

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Contact Miss Boyle

You can usually find Miss Boyle on the playground at the end of the school day. If you don’t manage to speak to me then, drop me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. No matter how small or trivial you think it might be – feel free to ask!

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