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On some Tuesdays this half term, we will be doing a mixture of PSHE, RE and Music lessons.  We will be using 'Oak Academy' online lessons as the basis for our distance learning.  This week's lesson will be a PSHE lesson called "It's OK to not be OK".


Below is the link for this lesson; click the link to do the activities when instructed by your class teacher at the end of your Zoom session at 1pm on Tuesday 12th January.

There are some feelings below to help you in today's lesson.



If you get stuck for ideas when you are writing to Jem, watch the video below. It shows 100 children telling us what makes them happy - perhaps you could 'borrow' some of their ideas to help make Jem feel happy again. 

100 Kids Tell Us What Makes Them Happy | 100 Kids |

Example letter to Jem

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High