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smileyHello and welcome to the Year 5 Home Learning Page! smiley

Each day there will be a Zoom at 9:15 for both Year 5 classes (the Zoom codes can be found in your Home Learning pack, (if you have misplaced them, please email During this Zoom session, we will start by taking a register and introducing the learning for the day. We will also direct the children to their morning task(s), these might be sheets in the packs, to be completed in their exercise book or online. 


At 1:30pm there will be another Zoom, during this session we will again introduce the afternoon learning and direct the children to their next tasks. 


If the children finish their directed activities, there are lots of other options. Please see the 'Online Learning Links' below for more ideas. 


In Year 5, we heart to see what the children have been working on at home so it would be great if you could send any work that you are proud of to us at: and give permission for these to be uploaded to our 'Home Learning Stars' section of this page. 


We look forward to seeing you on Zoom!


Mrs Corkhill and Miss Chambers

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