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Welcome to the home learning support page. Here we signpost key resources that will support learning at home and provide links to year group specific pages which teachers can use to offer support and suggestions to pupils in their classes. In the event of any school closures, this page will be regularly updated to support the learning of children whilst the school is closed. The document below covers many of the key questions parents will have about home learning.


During the Summer term of 2022, we expect that some pupils will find themselves isolating at home, without actually feeling ill. Ready for when this happens, the teachers have put some ideas at the top of each classes home learning pages below.


A note on Zoom sessions - some of our Zoom sessions are recorded for the protection of all concerned. These videos are viewed by no-one unless an incident is reported and are kept securely. After 7 days they are deleted.



Mrs Woodward will continue to deliver a Spanish lesson via zoom for each year group at 2pm on their normal day.  Email for access codes.

Click here to visit the packed Spanish pages on our website for more information and home learning activities.


Thanks to our friends at PDS, we have some fantastic PE lessons for you to do at home. These are the new lessons for the second half of the Spring Term (if you are looking for the lessons from last half term, just keep scrolling down) -


W/C Feb 22nd -

KS1 Dance                         KS2 Dance                       Sports Session


First Half Term Lessons - 


Sports Lesson 1

Sports Lesson 2

Sports Lesson 3

Sports Lesson 4

Sports Lesson 5


Week 1 Dance Lessons (Separate lessons for KS1 and KS2)

Week 2 Dance KS1

Week 2 Dance KS2

Week 3 Dance KS1

Week 3 Dance KS2

Week 4 Dance KS1

Week 4 Dance KS2

Week 5 Dance KS1

Week 5 Dance KS2

Have a go at this interesting Sustran competition, open to all, that links to a Year 5 project.

A new half term (added 1/6/20)


We hope everyone enjoyed a proper break over the half term holiday and we know that the teachers are looking forward to catching up with everyone again this week over Zoom. As home learning looks will be continuing for almost everyone for this half term, please do keep in touch with staff who are keen to support this. The year group emails ( etc) are monitored closely are definitely the best way to get in touch. Although there are plenty of resources further down this page (The Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize are particularly good) we know that one or two people have said that they are struggling as they would prefer paper resources and do not have access to a printer. If this is the case, please do use the email system to let us know and staff will do their best to resolve the problem. In addition to this main page of resources for all ages, teachers are also updating the year group subpages that can be accessed by clicking on the stars further down this page so do keep an eye on those too for more learning ideas.

Did you know that from the 4th-10th June is Food Safety Week? 

If you click on the star further down the page you will see a star labelled 'Food Safety Week'. You will find some information about food hygiene, a quiz, some activities and a recipe for Rock Cakes. 

This looks like a really exciting challenge - can you learn a new skill and post your video?

Another week passes (added 6/5/20)


Hoping everyone is doing well and enjoying the return of a little sunshine. Reviewing all the learning resources now linked from this page, there doesn't seem to be a need for more but do get in touch if you would like help in selecting the best resources for your family.


Our focus this week is on E-safety & Cyber-bullying. With so many people spending so much time online, it seemed worth reminding everyone of the 'Nan' rule - if you wouldn't say it, do it or type it in front of your nan, then you probably shouldn't be doing it all! Treating each well, whether online or off is so important at the moment. The ThinkUKnow website have produced some extra resources for anyone wanting to review E-safety at home. These link well to their online video resources and can be found by clicking here.


Keep safe this week and enjoy the bank holiday celebrations for VE day on Friday (thanks to Mrs Robertson, there is a folder at the bottom of the page with plenty of VE Day creative ideas.)

Another week on, some more resources for learning (added 28-4-20)


Hope the new term has been good to you all so far. If you tried out any of the Bitesize daily lessons or Hamilton Trust packs that were suggested last week, do email in and let your teachers know how you are getting on. They are happy to help with anything you got a bit stuck on and would love to see photos of the work that you have been doing. If you are still looking for learning ideas to suit you and your family, we have two new recommendations for you today.


Firstly, if math is your thing, White Rose Math have worked alongside BBC Bitesize to develop lessons for the whole of the term for every year group. Not only do the lessons tie in with the Bitesize daily lessons, but they come with their own videos to explain the concepts and help you to complete the activity sheet that comes with the lesson. These are a superb resource and you can find them here.


A second resource that we can recommend to you is the Oak National Academy. This government supported site has now opened with a whole curriculum available for home learning. Experienced teachers provide video based lessons that will make supporting learning at home much easier. You can follow the whole lesson schedule for a year group or dip in to single lessons that interest you. (Year 3 learning to Beatbox in music anyone?!) This resource can be accessed here.

New Term, New Lessons (added 20-4-20)


We hope you have all had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed the sunshine. As the new term begins, we know from people that have been in touch that a few people have already finished their work packs and are looking for new challenges. We have two main suggestions for you:


1) BBC Bitesize are offering 150 daily lessons a week to keep you on track with your learning. There are daily lessons for English and Maths as well as regular lessons for Science, History, Geography and more. They have been created by teachers and feature a mix of videos, animations, practice activities, quizzes and games. Some lessons are delivered by some familiar faces. The web link below takes you to an overview page so children and carers can work together to decide which lessons to tackle. So why don't you give it a go!


Bitesize Daily Lessons Explained


2) Hamilton Trust Home Learning Packs - these have been planned and put together by teachers to reinforce ideas that children should already have met (we know that teaching something brand new at home can be a little challenging!). Each week (and this term's learning starts with Week 3) will have PowerPoints with narration to explain the key points and learning materials for each lesson. There are further teacher notes and ideas for home learning guides available from the same page. There are materials for at least the next 3 weeks for each year group linked on the page below.


Hamilton Trust Home Learning Resources


Remember, whichever resources you use or whatever problems you run into, your teachers are still here to help you. You can contact teachers using the emails for each year group ( etc.) and we will do our best to work out how we can help.


Don't forget either that our maths scheme, Maths No Problem, are currently offering free resources to support parents with home learning. The letter below has all the details you need to access this.

Checking in (Added - 26/3/20)


So after a few days learning at home, how are things going? School staff are regularly checking the group emails (e.g. ; etc) and would love to hear from you. We are happy to answer any questions that we can and would also love to receive some photos of what you have been doing. If you are happy for us to do so, we will be adding some of these pictures to the year group pages below.


A couple of extra resources for this week, that you may have come across anyway -


David Walliams is releasing a free audio story a day - see if hearing about the world's worst children reminds you of anyone you know! (Click here)


A fantastic lady called Claire Ryan runs a blog called Chatterpack. She has collected a long list of online resources and activities for learning at home. Whilst we haven't checked every link, there is certainly lots of great content here. In 5 minutes we went from a British Museum Video on why the Trojan War started to the Penguin cam at Edinburgh Zoo! (Click here)


So enjoy the rest of the week and look out for another update next week. Stay in touch and have some fun!

Video Links (Added - 30/3/20)

As time at home stretches out, we are exploring different ways of keeping in touch. A piece of software that some families will already have discovered is Zoom. It runs on laptops, tablets or phones and allows groups of people to get together to chat. As a way of keeping in touch with your classmates, we recommend it. The software and free registration can be found here. Below, we have also uploaded a user guide produced by the 'Center for Innovation in Teaching and Research' is the USA. Do have a go with Zoom - maybe you could check some of the work you have done with someone else in your class?


Many Year Groups are catching up in Zoom meetings, there are Story Times happening and Spanish lessons with Mrs Woodward. If you would like help to join the next meeting, please get in touch with Mr Hirst ( or your Year group. 


Want to learn to code? (Added - 31/3/20)


Anyone looking for a challenge that is perfect for life in the modern world should look at using some of the time off school to learn a little more about coding (writing instructions for computers). You can use Scratch, that many of you will know from school by clicking here. Better still, you should check out the Hour of Code website. There are tasks to suit everyone, using a variety of programming languages and the 'step by step' approach is ideal for when you are learning alone. For the Hour of Code website, click here.

Useful Websites

Food Safety Week 4th-10th June

Famous Scientists

This week I am adding the last of our famous scientists and can't believe we have had 16 weeks of different scientists to explore. I hope you have enjoyed finding out about their lives and their work and the skills they have used in their experiments. I have certainly learnt new facts and how important some of the early discoveries remain.


I am also leaving Linaker at the end of term and would like to thank all the super scientists through the years who have made my time as Science Coordinator such fun. There is a real enthusiasm for the subject and you bring your own experiences and observations to the lessons. You also love reading non-fiction books on Science. In return I have been able to share with you what work as a real scientist was like and how important it is to plan your experiment, repeat it and how to interpret and share results. 


In our weekly Science lessons where we have investigated rocks, diets, circuits, forces, invertebrates, habitats and so many other things. As teachers we have added new lessons and purchased new resources to help make the lessons come alive. In addition, we have also discovered so much and had so much fun during our annual Science Week, a tradition I know Mr Kelly will continue.


I have added a certificate to this page to be printed out and be presented to you by your parents or carers for all your hard work on Famous Scientists. Well done and continue to be Super Scientists in the future.


Mrs Robertson

Science Certificate for children who have discovered facts about our Scientist of the Week

Creative Ideas

I have also enjoyed putting together some creative ideas for you and hope that over the summer you will continue to enjoy being creative. This has been a unique time in history where people have put lots of information online and opened their doors to us through websites. It has been an opportunity for us to explore museums and art galleries around the world and we have been able to create art from whatever we have to hand - no need for fancy art materials.


As well as my final choice of Van Gogh I put a link to the BBC Orchestra of Wales. One of the films that I will always associate with Linaker Primary School is The Greatest Showman. Whilst this isn't quite as exciting as singing with Tony Hadley and the Young Voices in the MEN Arena, you can learn and then sing along with the Orchestra. I will always remember you learning the songs with Mrs Thomas and when we went to see it at the cinema, being surrounded by Linaker singing along beautifully.


Mrs Robertson

Science Lesson Live

We have enjoyed watching these live lessons from Encounter Edu including one taking place at the bottom of a glacier in the Arctic.


There have now been three excellent Live Lessons run by Fieldwork Live and they are still available the links below.

The resources are also available in the links below.

Arctic food chain lesson sheets

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High