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Reading at home has a big impact on your child's learning. Please try to listen to your child read every day. Not only do we want them to be able to read the text fluently but also we want them to be able to answer simple questions about what they have read. Reading the same book several times will develop both their fluency and also their understanding of what the have read. We ask you to ensure your child brings their reading books to school on a Friday for quarantine over the weekend. New books will be given out on the following Monday. In addition to the books sent home you can find additional books to read on the 'Reading Buddy' website at the link below. You were sent log in details in September but do contact your teacher if you need another copy.

The First 100 Words
We track the words that the children can read and spell so that we know their 'next steps'. Here are the words in the order they are taught.  We may have asked you to practise some of these words for reading and spelling when we spoke to you on parents evening.

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High