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Inge Lehmann 1888 - 1993

Inge Lehmann

This week we have another scientist whose name may not be familiar to you but the results of her work will be. Inge Lehmann grew up in Copenhagen and was lucky to attend a school where girls and boys were treated equally which was unusual for the time. She studied Maths, Chemistry and Physics at the University of Copenhagen and the University of Cambridge.


In 1925 she became an assistant and started to learn about seismology (the study of earthquakes and waves of energy they produce.


In 1929 there was a large earthquake near New Zealand and she was trying to understand some unusual earthquake data from her seismic stations. It lead her to the discovery in 1936 that the Earth has a solid inner core inside a molten outer core.


She lived until she was 104.


This should be particularly interesting for Year 3 as the inner core is made of iron and nickel (magnetic materials) and they should remember magma from the work on Rocks and Soils.


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