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It's Cold Outside

It's Cold Outside


Our topic this half term is ‘It’s Cold Outside’. Our focus texts will be ‘Charlie Crow in the Snow’, ‘Frog in Winter’ and ‘Penguin Small’. We will be observing change in the weather, comparing our climate to other countries and researching arctic animals. We are planning a school trip to Martin Mere. We will be learning about a range of birds, comparing them to humans and asking the question ‘Do all birds fly?’


We have been getting in touch with our creative sides. We looked at winter artwork then discussed how the art made us feel. Children identified that the colour blue makes them feel cold. Children were shown how to make a winter colour (blue, silver purple) lighter by adding white paint. After that we discussed different shades and children then got a chance to create their own winter masterpiece! 

What happens when a bear is woken up in winter?  


Each reception class went on a bear hunt and found a teddy bear hiding in the outside area. The bears had been woken up from their long sleep in their caves and they were angry! Each bear had a book with them called 'Charlie Crow in the Snow', along with a letter explaining how they had ended up in our school.


See photos from our bear hunt....


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