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Julia Donaldson

During the first part of the Spring Term, we are reading a range of amazing Julia Donaldson stories, including Monkey Puzzle, Sharing a Shell and Zog! We are talking/writing about what the characters look like, how they are feeling, making maps to help the characters stay safe, as well as other exciting activities. We are also talking about people who help us and have had visitors to tell us all about their fantastic jobs! 


Miss Wainwright's Mum, who is a nurse, came to tell us all about her job at the hospital taking care of patients. She taught us how we can keep safe by wearing a helmet when riding our bikes, not taking medicines unless given them by our grown ups or a doctor and never touching needles. 


We also had a visit from PCSOs Tune and Cunningham. They taught us about 'Stranger Danger' and how to stay safe. They told us about their jobs and roles in the community and also gave us a special treat by allowing us to try on some of their uniform. Even Mrs Halsall had a turn!


The Fire Officers came and brought their engine with them. They told us ways to stay safe and all about their jobs. They told us how they fight fires and rescue people in different situations. They showed us some of their uniform/equipment and let us try it on. We were able to sit in the cab on the engine and best of all we got to squirt water from the hose!

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