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frown Welcome to 2KE frown

In 2KE our teaching team includes Miss Edmondson (Class Teacher), Miss Greenwood, Mrs Woodward and Miss Sutcliffe (Teaching Assistants), plus Mrs McFall (Teacher) who joins us every Wednesday afternoon for Science. 

Mrs Suffolk will be teaching music to the class this term, while Miss Turner provides extra support in English and Maths. Some children are also helped with their language skills by Miss Rowan. 

Sports Day Fun!

Arts Week 

We have been having a fantastic time this week, art is my favourite subject! The children have been having lots of fun taking part in various activities with different teachers.  


We started the week with looking at animal prints and we replicated this with drawings and also by printing using paint on a foam tile. The children also took it in turns to use the Djembe drums with Mrs Greenwood, they loved it! 



We had a brilliant time at the zoo, looking at all the different animals and watching the sea lion show. Again the children behaved well and there were some tired little boys and girls on the way home! 



We had a year 2 and year 5 swap day where the four teachers each taught an activity with each of the four classes, my class enjoyed singing Lion King songs with Mrs Suffolk, making parrot masks with Mrs Beaver (year 5 teacher), doing some digital art on the computers with Mr Hirst (Year 5 teacher) and then some drawing with Mrs McFall in the afternoon. Both the year 5 teachers commented on how well the children did with the activities and also that their behaviour was great. 



Today we have enjoyed some African dancing taught by Mrs Woodward and also done some observational drawings of some of the artefacts Mrs Suffolk brought back from her travels to Africa. We were also very lucky to experience 'The Lizard Lounge' where snakes, a monkey, tortoises and chameleons visited our school, some children even bravely held the snakes. 

Thank you to those of you who called in to see your child's art work after school today, it was lovely to see so many of you come and see your child's hard work and experience the Djembe drums deafening tones! frown



Tomorrow we plan to round the week off with sand play, creating African patterns, making straw animals, completing a Lion King quiz and finishing off our enormous giraffe ready for the display at KGV. 

The final day of Arts Week - sand play, making African patterns, art straw animals, lion king quiz and African fruit tasting. What a week!

Jeffrey the giraffe! Each year group was asked to make a animal to display at KGV for our performance of the Lion King, this is ours which all the children helped with. He looks fantastic!

Summer learning 

This term our learning has a focus on the element of 'Magic and wonder' as we read 'The Magic Bed' by John Burmingham where a little boy flies off in his Magic Bed to many different adventures. The children have been retelling the story and adding in their own exciting places for Georgie to visit, some children got so into their story telling that they wrote up to five pages! no


In our history and ICT we have been finding out about space and in particular the moon landings, we have researched this using the internet where we listened to clips of Neil Armstrong and saw images. We have used the Hubble Telescope images to create some art work using a paint package on the computer, see our photographs for some of the children's work. 


Following on from our work on animals we are in the process of making animal masks which is helping us with our cutting, fixing and marking out skills. As we finish these we will add them on here for you to see, keep your eyes peeled! smiley


Butterfly time

As part of our Science we looked at the butterflies that year one have had, we loved watching them inside the special net. Here we are having a look at them. 


Our Religious Education continues to look at Christianity and Judaism, we had a fantastic trip to the Southport Reform Synagogue which the children loved. 

Physical education (PE)

The children enjoyed an afternoon of multi skills at Stanley High School where they got to work with some of the students to take part in small group activities. The children were asked to compete in different sporting tasks to improve their fitness and co-ordination, year two thoroughly enjoyed it but were tired out! 

Design Technology (DT) The children have spent weeks making these amazing masks out of paper mache, they look great!

Sorry - I missed one!





Our classroom and our displays

Christmas Nativity

Unfortunately I wasn't here to see this amazing show so I do not have any photos, but Mrs Suffolk has some photos of both year two classes on her page. (Her class is called Ivy) so please click on there and have a look! 

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