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Ken Done born 1940

Ken Done

This week I have chosen one of my favourite artists because I think his work is so colourful it will cheer us all up. I have also been surrounded by some of his pictures when working from home and every time I see Kyle's fish tank on a Zoom meeting I am reminded of one of his paintings.


Ken Done is an Australian artist and I first saw his work over 20 years ago when my brother lived in Australia. One of my favourite places is Sydney and the views over Sydney Harbour and the Opera House. Did you know that the design for Sydney Opera House was the winner of a competition? Ken Done has recreated the views of this area (including with fireworks) and the vibrant colours he uses can brighten up the dreariest day.


He has not only created pictures to hang on your wall but he has also had his pictures put onto tablecloths, make up bags, pot holders, place mats and clothing.


He likes to work with pastels and oil paint and I loved seeing all his plastic spades which he uses for colour mixing. He also talks about portraits (which links in again with the Year 3 topic for this term).


This week I would like you to think about his postcard from Sydney which says "Wish you were here" and create your own postcard or picture of a place you would like to be. Perhaps you can send it to a relative or friend you are missing or send it here and we can share it. You may enjoy trying to recreate the views of Sydney or you may want to paint or draw some places in Southport - perhaps the pier or the Marine Bridge. You can also watch how Ken Done created a landscape drawing of Tower Bridge in London.


I hope you enjoy finding out about the artist, he has produced a special worksheet for schools and I hope you enjoy the colourful work he produces. Some say his work is very simple and child-like but I think the most important thing is he is sharing a place that he loves with the world. 


Please send your pictures to Year 

Create an image of Sydney, put it on a T-shirt and go to the barrier reef

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