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PE Days

On PE days, we ask that pupils come to school dressed in their PE kit.  This is a pair of black shorts, a white t-shirt and black pumps, with their school jumper.  From October to March, due to colder weather, you may send your child in tracksuit bottoms and trainers.

Our PE day will be changing after the half term, so please keep an eye on the app for a message informing you of the new day, once this has been arranged.


Snack at playtime

The children are provided with a healthy fruit option each day at playtime, so they do not need to bring a snack from home.  We encourage the children to try new fruits if they have not tried them before.  These snacks vary from apples, pears, satsumas and bananas, to radishes, carrots, tomatoes or sugar snap peas.


Drink for class

It is important for a healthy body to keep hydrated throughout the day.  Pupils have numerous opportunities to have a drink through the day but, due to Covid-19 health & safety restrictions, we cannot provide this.  Therefore, we ask that you send your child in with a water bottle from home, preferably a sports-top one to avoid spillage, with their name clearly on it.  This will be sent home each day and should be brought in each day with fresh water.


Covid-19 Changes

Each class now has a designated entry and exit point for arriving at school and leaving at the end of the day, along with staggered arrival and exit times.  This is to avoid congestion on the playground.  Please adhere to these times and entry & exit points, being as prompt as possible, to keep the flow of traffic moving and avoid cross-overs between year group bubbles.  The children also have designated play areas for play time and dinner time, as well as staggered lunch times to avoid mixing of year groups.  We also have outdoor sinks for regular handwashing (on entry to and exit from the building). 

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