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KS1 Geography Lesson 01.07.20 (Africa)

This afternoon we started to learn about one of the world's seven continents - Africa.  We looked at two African countries, Nigeria and Kenya.  Below is the link to the fabulous BBC Bitesize Daily Lesson, where you will find the videos we watched, the games we played and much more.  Have another go yourself, if you want to! What else can you learn about Africa? How are places in Africa similar (alike) to Southport and England, and in what ways is it different there?  Think about:

  • the countries
  • the languages
  • the religions
  • the wildlife
  • the nature
  • the physical geography

Could you make a poster, or draw a map, or write about what you have found out? If you do, send it to the Year 1 (or Year 2) email address for us to see your fantastic work!


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