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Learn and Play in May

May 20th - Origami

The art of paper folding may be exciting when making this lego man. 

May 19th - Dinosaurs

Play this matching game to identify different dinosaurs. 

May 18th - Maths Treasure Hunt. 

Have a go at this treasure hunt by hiding the cards around your home for your child to find and solve. 

May 17th - World Baking Day

Join in with World Baking Day by making these biscuits. 

May 16th - National Drawing Day

You could learn how to draw your face then turn yourself into your favourite keyworker. 

May 15th - National Pizza Party Day

Why not celebrate the day making these simple pitta pizzas? 

May 14th - Poems

Write about the colours of a rainbow using similes. 


May 13th National Numeracy Day.

Try this Emoji Code Breaker. 

May 12th - National Nurses Day

Print off and colour in these pages and display them in your window to show support for National Nurses Day. 

May 11th - Shop

Play this toy shop bingo game with the people in your house. 

May 10th Toilet Roll Craft. 

Why not have a go at making this bird feeder? 

May 9th - Picnic

While the weather is so nice why not have one in the garden, in the yard, in your living and use this to plan your best one ever! 

May 8th - Obstacle Course

You could use these activity cards to set up fitness stations at home and work through them together.

May 7th - Story 

Everybody loves a good story! These traditional tales are some of the best. You could share them with your children then answer the questions together. 

May 6th - France

Use this PowerPoint to learn about the fascinating country of France. This PowerPoint contains information on traditional food, landmarks and celebrations. The use the France fact file worksheet to encourage your children's research and independent inquiry skills.

May 5th - Maths Board Game

Use this Easter-holiday themed board game to give pupils a chance to practise their written and mental addition and subtraction using 2-digit and 3-digit numbers. Each player starts with 100 points and gains or loses them as they move around the board. 

May 4th - Science Experiment 

Here you will find a great set of Science experiments to conduct with children at home.

These fun and easy science experiments are great to do at home because they require ingredients you are likely to already have in the kitchen.

The pack contains four different science experiments including a dissolving experiment, make your own lava lamp, fun with density and fireworks in a glass. 

Designed by teachers, they are sure to inspire your children to take an interest in different areas of science. 

Ideal for use with Foundation, KS1 and KS2 children.

May 3rd - Positivity Jar

Promote self-esteem in your children by encouraging them to keep positive statements in a special place. This positivity jar can include positive words, comments and affirmations that can be looked at time and time again to help children feel positive especially when they might be feeling low.

May 2nd - Rainbow

Have a go at creating a simile poem for the colours of the rainbow. Can you include an expanded noun phrase or an adverb?

May 1st - National Space Day.


To learn more about National Space Day follow this link: 


Help your child observe National Space Day on Friday 1st May with this resource pack full of space-themed activities. From space-themed colouring, to crosswords and fact hunts, to information powerpoints, space-themed maths, a grammar mystery to solve and planet ordering activities, this resource pack has everything you need to celebrate National Space Day in style.

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