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Liverpool World Museum trip

Liverpool World Museum, July 2017

We had a fabulous day at Liverpool World Museum. The children had a fantastic day, as did the grown-ups! All children behaved and were an absolute credit to Linaker Primary School.


Each group had a timetable to follow which ensured we got to explore the whole museum. Children enjoyed all the different exhibitions but particularly enjoyed the dinosaur floor and mini-beast floor.



Picture 1 First we lined up with our group leaders
Picture 2 Next we got on the coach
Picture 3 We got on the coach safely.
Picture 4 We sat on the big steps!
Picture 5 The entrance to the museum
Picture 6 We went inside the museum
Picture 7 Can you see us?
Picture 8 Th dinosaur exhibition
Picture 9 We were all very excited for lunch time
Picture 10 The huge spider on the ceiling!
Picture 11 There were lots of things to look at
Picture 12 Did you know...elephants only have four teeth!
Picture 13 We picked one up - it was so heavy!!!
Picture 14 The mini-beast floor had interactive games

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