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L.S.Lowry 1887 - 1976


This week I have chosen another of my favourite artists: L.S.Lowry. He drew and painted lots of scenes in and around Manchester, Lytham St. Annes and the North East of England. Some of the places have changed with new buildings occupying the space but in others you can still see the same view as he did.


I particularly love his scenes of life with people streaming from the factories and cotton mills or his scenes of the streets. He also captured the times when large numbers of men were "Going to the Match". I like the way that there is so much going on that you can look carefully to notice the details such as hats, different coats and their animals. 


Lowry worked as a rent collector and walked round places and would draw on anything he could find including the back of envelopes. I once spoke to someone who worked in the Conservation section of a museum and they said that it was hard to keep Lowry's pictures in good condition because of the poor quality of some of the materials - such as envelopes.


When we are able to move, you do not need to go far to see an original L.S.Lowry painting as there are some in The Atkinson Art Gallery and Museum in Southport. There is also a big Art Gallery, Theatre and Performance space in Salford Quays called The Lowry. 


The links below allow you explore his work and his inspiration.

Information about L.S.Lowry

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