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Making and Evaluating your final gift box

Making and Evaluating your final gift box

This week is the final week of creating our gift box. We have looked at products and examined how different colours and fonts appeal to different age groups. We have taken apart boxes and found that they are joined in different ways and that they are stiffened for support either by folding to create double layers or by the use of tabs.


Last week we created a design for our box and this week we will put that design onto a net. If we were in school we could print a net outline on card and decorate it. With more time at home you could even try using your pencil and ruler and carefully measuring and drawing your own net. It needs to be on card to strengthen it.


It should look something like the one below.

Final net

Then take your box and assemble it using the tabs, remembering to score them to get a straight line.

Final gift box


The final important stage of your project is to evaluate what you have made - either on your own or ask the views of other members of your family. Some of the questions to think about are:


1) Will the box hold the contents?

2) Does it look like a box that will appeal to children?

3) Is the writing easy to read?

4) Can you identify the name of the product?

5) Can you find the names of the ingredients?

6) Does the box have neat edges?

7) Can you see any tabs sticking out?

8) Are the joins secure?

9) Does the box need to be stiffer?

10) Is there any way in which you would do your design differently next time.


I hope you have enjoyed exploring and making gift boxes ... I am off to eat some Cosmic Chews.

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