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Making Friends

Making New Friends

In our nursery we support children in making friendships and relationships and ensure we give the opportunity for a positive early school experience in order for children to succeed. If recent times have taught us anything, it is the importance of human connections when things are uncertain in life.

Learning to make friends with other children is an important part of developing social skills. Nursery is one of the best places for children to learn and practice these skills with each other. While parents and carers can help their children develop good manners, respect for others, and good communication skills, children often learn the most about relationships like friendship from other children. Early friendships are the building blocks for later adult relationships among neighbours and colleagues. Friends help us solve problems and let us know through their similar experiences that we are not alone.

In the nursery we are making friends through many activities such as music, sharing books and stories, turn taking, working in pairs, playing games, helping each other, role play and sharing the same interests.

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