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Marie Curie 1867 - 1934

Marie Curie

The second of our scientists for the Easter Break has been chosen by keen scientist Shea from Year 2. This is a fantastic time for you to be conducting your own scientific research, experiments and reading about the lives of famous scientists. I was even shown a new microscope on the Zoom meet up which will allow you to look at things like cells in much greater detail.


This week's scientist is probably one of the world's most famous female scientists. At the time she was working, women did not have the opportunities available today so she created so many firsts - the first female to get a PhD in Paris, the first female professor, the first female to win a Nobel prize and then two Nobel prizes in different subjects.


Her work on radioactivity and the discovery and understanding of new elements led to the development of X-ray machines. Just like our doctors, nurses, pharmacists and everyone working in hospitals now are being brave, Marie Curie was also brave and drove her portable X-ray machines out to treat soldiers in the first World War because there were not enough machines for every hospital. Her little Curie machines are though to have helped over 1 million soldiers. Currently X-ray machines are still being used to look inside a patient particularly in their lungs.


Her determination and resilience is an example to us all.


Below there are different activities and information for you to explore more about Marie Curie. In honour of her discovery of 2 elements (and having one named after her) I have included the Elements Song with lyrics for you to try and keep up with. It is put to the music of I am the very model of a Modern Major General which is from a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta and I always admire anyone who can perform this.


If you have ideas for a future Scientist of the week then please email at 


During the break I am going to find out if we can bring you a live lesson on Rocks and Soils when we continue our online learning.



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