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Martin Mere

On Tuesday 1st March, year 3 went to Martin Mere. Our objective was to learn about mammals for our 'Rainforest' topic. We looked at how mammals can be adapted to survive in their environment, in particular the otters.
We had great fun designing our own mammals and describing their adaptations.
We visited the discovery hide, where we used binoculars to see the Whooper swans. They had travelled all the way from Iceland for the Winter.
The flamingos were very noisy! We enjoyed watching them feed and play.
After lunch we explored the rest of Martin Mere and fed the birds. We went on a 'Wild Walk'. It was very muddy!
The adventure playground was fantastic! Some of us were very brave and faced our fears to climb to the top of the tower!
Thank you for having us Martin Mere. We had a brilliant day!

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