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When it comes to teaching maths in the early years, it is important that children begin to develop a sense of the underlying concepts and structures of maths.

We provide time and opportunities for children to make connections in their mathematical understanding, which helps them to develop understanding of number, space, shape, time and measure.

The aim of all our activities in the nursery is to equip all children with a deep, secure and adaptable understanding of mathematical concepts.

Mathematical concepts are developed through the indoor and outdoor environments,  everyday play and through discrete teaching sessions lead by an adult such as posing problems, modelling language and helping children to focus on some mathematical ideas.

There are plenty of opportunities to explore and learn such as counting objects, sharing, playing with numerals, arranging a visual time table, waiting in the queue, completing puzzles and shape sorters, comparing the sizes of the constructions, sorting toys or arranging plates for picnic play.

These activities help children to develop deep understanding  of the composition of numbers, finding patterns and shapes and categorising objects according to some aspects such as colour, shape or size.


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