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Pupils will be working in mathematics units which focus on different concepts in numeracy.  The first unit the children will explore in greater depth is numbers to 10 000 000. 


Each day, the children will also work on developing and honing arithmetic calculation strategies.  TImes tables knowledge must be secure so use TTRS for speed and revision.  MyMaths have on-line lessons for each of the maths learning objectives, an excellent resource to support learning.  Please ask the class teacher if a password reminder is required. 

Chapter 1 - working with numbers up to 10 000 000


In this first unit of Year 6, pupils are refining their knowledge of place value, working with numbers between 1 000 000 and 10 000 000. They begin by reading and writing numbers to 10 000 000 using number discs, numerals and words. Pupils are then asked to round and compare numbers to 10 000 000, followed by placing them in order from smallest to greatest. The unit ends with pupils rounding numbers to various values and determining when it is appropriate to round numbers.

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