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It is important that you complete some Maths work whilst we are all in lockdown. There are websites that are really useful to help you revise and remember the work already taught in Year 4 and these are as follows;


Topmarks - this site is full of games and activities which will help you learn, revise and remember different aspects of Maths including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, place value, decimals and fractions. Have a go!


TTRS - you need to keep learning and revising all your times tables up to 12 x 12. This site is FANTASTIC! Mrs Evans has sent challenges to many of the Year 4 children and not many have completed these. Come on Year 4 - try and beat the teachers!


Maths No Problem - your families can access all the Year 4 lessons and worksheets from Maths No Problem for a limited amount of time. If you would like to be able to complete the work you would be doing, if you were in school, ask your families to make contact with the Year 4 staff at year 4 and we can add your details to the Maths No Problem site.


Happy Maths work!

Maths Lesson - Wednesday 1st July

Our Maths lesson on Tuesday 16th June is about 'Area'.

Please watch these clips before our session.

Area of a Rectangle

Method, demonstration, review. 3 steps * multiply length x width * put the unit of measurement ...

Area of a Parallelogram (Introduction)

If this helps you, please click LIKE and help me too. Thanks! A parallelogram is like a rectangle that's been nudged over. Animation shows a parallelogram ha...

June 2020

If we had been in school, over the next 2 weeks each one of you would have taken a national Times Tables test set for all Year 4 pupils in England and Wales. The test would have been on a computer and you would have been asked 25 different times tables to answer in 6 seconds. This might sound a very short time but, if you have been on TTRS regularly, you will know that this is possible.


Whilst we do not know which times tables you would have been asked, we think that we could have predicted the following;


  •  It is unlikely that they would have asked  many x 1 questions
  •  It is unlikely that they would have asked many x 2 questions
  •  It is unlikely that they would have asked many x 0 questions
  •  It is unlikely that they would have asked many x 10 questions
  •  It is unlikely that they would have asked the easier x 5 questions 


It is really important for further progress in Maths to be achieved, especially in calculations (+, -, x and division), that you have a very strong knowledge of your times tables up to and including 12 x 12. We have talked about this since you arrived in Year 4.


Whilst we are not in school and completing school work in lots of different ways at home, it gives you a golden opportunity to revise, remember and learn all your tables, especially the more difficult ones that we call - The Stinkers!


The power point below identifies the more challenging times tables. As you look through it, jot down which times tables you are unsure of, put the list on a wall then spend 10 minutes each day revising them. We promise that when you step into Year 5 in September, you will find calculations a little easier.


Finally, if you cannot remember your login for TTRS, please e mail us at and we will send you that information.


Mrs Evans, Miss Jackson and Mr Davies


Every Year 4 child should be able to tell the time on an analogue clock.

Each day, I will be adding a different Time lesson with activity sheets. Please look at the power point and then have a go at the activity sheets. 

You could even show me some of your completed work on our Zoom catch up on Thursdays at 11am!

Revise, Remember and Learn!

We are going to be posting some revision clips to help you revise and remember certain concepts already taught in Year 4. Please let the Year 4 teachers know what you need help with during lockdown.

I know that 'Rounding to the nearest …' has been a challenge to some of you. This clip from YouTube might help. Worksheets will be added for you to download and complete.  

Number Bonds

Take this lockdown time as an opportunity to revise, remember and learn number bonds. Ask your families to print off these activity sheets several times. Each day, give yourself 3 minutes to complete a sheet. Ask an adult to mark them.

Each day, see if you can improve your mark.

You need to have a rapid recall of number bonds to help you make progress.

Number Bonds - Activity sheets

How to do short division | Oxford Owl

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