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Year 1 Mathematics Targets

From Monday 22nd June, our Zoom sessions have changed slightly.  We are now doing Maths every Monday morning at 10am and will be continuing to cover "Number" units of work, to best prepare the children for Year 2.  To do this in an engaging and structured way which is accessible to parents at home, we are going to use lessons from BBC Bitesize Daily as the basis for our Zoom lessons.  We will work around these, using Maths No Problem principles.  


To best support your child in their Maths learning moving forward, we recommend accessing the BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons (link below) and requesting parental access to the Maths No Problem website (which you can do by emailing us).  This will provide you with all of the online activities you need to continue supporting your child to learn these key skills:


  • Counting forwards and backwards from any number within 100
  • Understanding what each digit in a 2-digit number represents
  • Counting in steps of 2, 3, 5 and 10
  • Knowing the names of the four key Mathematical symbols & recognising them in mathematical questions (add, subtract, multiply and divide)
  • Know how to add/subtract a 2-digit number and a 1-digit number
  • Know how to multiply by grouping the same number over and over again (repeating addition and grouping)
  • Know how to divide by sharing equally


Some units of work have not had as much coverage as we would like this year due to the school closure, but remain key "Life Maths" skills. These are:

  • telling the time (to the hour and half hour)
  • measuring length, mass and capacity (using cm, g and ml)
  • recognising coins and adding/subtracting amounts of money up to £1

These can be learnt and practised at home in a variety of fun practical ways, such as baking, playing shop, creating timetables etc. Please contact us for more ideas/suggestions.


Thank you for your continued support.  As ever, please don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions at all, at

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