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Hello Everyone,


It is really important that you keep up your daily learning of times tables and division facts - these are the cornerstones of Maths and will help you in your daily life. It is vital that you go onto TTRS as often as you can to build up your knowledge and confidence in these. Challenge a friend, teacher or classmate. See who get's the higher score. I will look at least once a day and complete the task if challenged by you.


Topmarks is an excellent site for you to complete suitable learning games to build your confidence in Maths. Take a look at this site - it really is great fun!


Mymaths is a site used by several classes in school. Take a look.


I have all your passwords. E mail me if you need to be reminded of these at


Happy Maths smiley

Maths Challenges - Week 1 Roald Dahl Maths Challenge Cards

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