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How can I help my child to practise their Maths at home?

Although we will not send home specific Maths homework tasks, again is it important for your child to practise key Maths facts regularly. 


By the end of Year 1, children should :

  • have a secure understanding of how to make each number to ten
  • be able to read and write the numbers 1-20 as numerals and words
  • know their number bonds to 10 and 100
  • know their 2, 5 and 10 x tables and related division facts by heart. 


There are lots of fun songs on YouTube to practise these facts along to; perhaps you could practise them whilst waiting for the bath to run, walking to school or cooking the dinner.  The children particularly love joining in with Jack Hartmann's YouTube videos in class, such as this one 


Please speak to your child's class teacher if you would like any further support getting started with helping your child with their Maths at home.

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