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Maths at home

Maths at home

In Reception, schools in England follow the Early Years Foundation Stage. In mathematics, your child is likely to cover the following things:


  • Counting up to 20 everyday objects - anything and everything in your house or outdoors!
  • Saying and using the number names in order
  • Finding one more or less than a number up to 20 - 'If I had 10 apples and I ate one, how many would I have left?' - it would be one less than 10!
  • Starting to use the language of addition and subtraction; counting on and back
  • Sorting and matching objects and shapes. Children can practise identifying 2d and 3d shapes.
  • Comparing quantities and shapes - 'how many sides does this shape have?'
  • Finding and recreating simple patterns - you could get creative and use a potato to do some potato prints! Why not create a simple repeating pattern.
  • Beginning to do some simple measuring, comparing lengths and quantities
  • Talking about things like size, weight, distance, time and money to develop correct vocabulary

A few ideas to support maths at home....

Please send us a photograph if you manage to complete one (or more!!) of these activities. Send to our email;


Can you count like a Superhero? 

See if you can count forwards and backwards. Can you tell your grown-up what one more/one less than a given number is?

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