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Maths Lesson 06.07.20 (Addition & Subtraction)

Today we re-visited a skill we have not practised for a long time, which can be tricky to get used to at first.  Like any skill, you get better at it through regular practise!  But it also requires a basis of knowledge; in this case, knowing your number bonds for all numbers to 10 is crucial.  E.g. knowing that 4+3=7 and 5+2=7 and 6+1=7 (for every number to 10).


Below is the BBC Bitesize lesson we did, as well as a wealth of online resources to practise number bonds and adding/subtracting by 'bridging 10' or 'making ten'.


Remember: the goal is to split the smallest number up and use its parts to make ten with the larger number, to make crossing that ten boundary easier.

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