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Meerkat Mail

Small, but strong!

Heroic Meerkats praise family motto, STAY SAFE, STAY TOGETHER! Our reporters (Year Two) investigate.

Our discovery...

When we got back to class we took a closer look at the postcard that we had found. We looked at all of the things that we are going to have to include if we write a postcard back to Sunny.

Then we had another delivery. A book all about Sunny's adventures. We answered lots of questions as we read the story.

When we had found all of the key features we started to discuss what we could put in our own postcards to Sunny. We had a chat as a group and then made our own plans. Above is the brainstorm we created as a group.

Non chronological reports

Today we discussed what we would like to know about meerkats. We came up with loads of great questions. When we had done this we grouped the questions into similar topics. We had three different topics. In pairs we then had to find the answers to the questions by researching on laptops and iPads. We recorded our facts on post it notes ready to share with the class tomorrow...

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High