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MFL - Spanish

Welcome to Spanish at Linaker.  


Through our teaching of MFL we want our pupils to experience a world outside their classroom, instil respect of other cultures and most importantly develop a love of learning languages.



Our Curriculum Topics


Click on the spirals for a variety of activities and links based our language topics.

Distance Learning


Spanish zoom sessions will take place in the event of a class bubble having to isolate.  They will take place on their normal day for Spanish.


Access codes have been included in pupils home learning packs or alternatively email the class teacher.


Year 3 : Tuesday 13th July 2021

Primary Languages Network distance learning activities

Stage 1 : Suitable for year 3 covering language such as numbers, colours and animals.  

Stage 2 : Suitable for years 4 covering language such as body parts, animals, food, family and colours.

Stage 3 & 4 : Suitable for years 5 and 6 covering language such as basic questions, school equipment, shops, food and colours.

2020 April - July Distance Learning


Cross year group zoom sessions were accessed by many pupils during this time and challenges set for pupils to have a go at, independently at home.   



Spanish Artist Challenge: study Miro & Picasso's styles

Here is the Power Point to help you with the 'Mi Familia' home learning challenge

Use this week's powerpoint to help you complete the "Sobre Mi" home challenge?'

Make some Spanish Magdalenas

Watch as Señora Woodward makes Magdalenas for the first time. Can you make some too?

The Adventures of Torres the Bull.

Along with 4 members of staff, Torres visited Santander in Spain to participate in a Spanish immersion course. Take a look at what he got up to!

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