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Aaaarrgghh, Spider

Would you like a pet spider? How would you feel if you saw a lonely spider hanging on the ceiling? Would your family be scared?


All this Spider wants is to be a family pet. But the family whose house he lives in are terrified of him. Whenever he tries to show them what a great pet he would make, they simply cry, 'Aaaarrgghh, Spider!'


What we know about bugs and what we want to find out...

As a class we had a think about what we know about bugs and what we would like to find out. As you can see we know some interesting facts and thought of some super questions. As we work our way through the topic we will hopefully be able to answer more and more of the questions.

We're going on a bug hunt...


Mr Povey kindly agreed to letting Year 1 use his garden to try and find some minibeasts. Before we set off on the minibeast hunt we had a think about what we might find on the hunt and where. We walked to Mr Povey's garden very sensibly, making sure we listened to our group adult and stayed with our partners at all times. When we arrived at the garden we had a little look around and each group took it in turns to search in the different areas. We used a magnifying glass to get a closer look at the minibeasts We searched in damp and dark places and found lots of minibeasts hiding. We even found a big toad!


Enjoy looking at the photographs from our minibeast hunt..

I wonder... If you can find any minibeasts hiding in your garden or at the park?

Arggggggh Spider!...Acting out the story

Our teachers acted the story out for us. We enjoyed watching this. Each of the teachers took on the role of a character. Whilst we were watching the performance we were asked to think about the different characters as well as the order of the story. We will get the opportunity to act the story out during continuous provision time.

Caterpillars in Year One


   Tiny caterpillars Big caterpillars Chrysalides Butterflies



Three weeks ago each Year One class had a delivery of five caterpillars. Each class named their five tiny caterpillars and since then we have been keeping a caterpillar diary. We can't believe just how much they have grown in such a short space of time. It took them around 2/3 weeks to go from being a tiny caterpillar to a big, fat caterpillar to a chrysalis. This week the chrysalides have turned into beautiful butterflies! We have fed them fruit (as advised in our information pack) and they have been happy fluttering around in the net! Now that their wings are dry, they are ready to be released into the big wide world...

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